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Apple could do a lot with distributed compute

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Being an avid user of Apple’s products, one of the standout features that I enjoy is the on-device processing of my personal data. Be it searching for an image, or Siri suggesting a calendar event based on a flight in my email, it’s extremely useful.

However, I do notice the toll that it takes on my devices as each has to index and process the information. This is where distributed compute could be a winner.

If my iPhone, MacBook, iPad & Apple TV could work in unison to offload heavy tasks to processors not in use, it could speed up & even improve the battery life of the device I’m working on.

I can also imagine it being useful in acting as an offline iCloud sync. When my devices can connect to each-other, but not iCloud, to replicate data between themselves to reduce the potential for loss & improve my productivity.

There’s something quite nice about starting a file on one device & it being there, up to date, on another.